User Experience Report

Ulster University

''The surface was very comfortable and quite sensual a bit like reflexology''*

* Ulster University User Experience Report

5. Results

The subject sample consisted of n = 25 adults, 15 female and 10 male, age range (18-59) with a mean age of 34.7 years.

Pre-test, all subjects reported a high frequency of shower use with 76% indicating daily use and 24% regular use.

60% of subjects reported some previous experience of a slip or fall whilst showering though none reported this as a frequent occurrence (see Appendix 1).

Post-test analysis indicates 88% of subjects found the surface comfortable to extremely comfortable to stand and move on and all subjects reported the surface to be stable and safe.

All subjects agreed the surface would prevent them from slipping or falling with 76% in strong agreement and 24% in agreement with this statement.

In addition, 80% of tested subjects indicated they would be keen to use the Classic Marble shower tray in their own home if the cost compared favourably to other products on the market with only 16% undecided (see Appendix 2).

Bar charts of the results of questions 4, 5 and 8 are included in Appendix 3.

The data from the open questions and comments made by subjects are listed in Appendix 4.

There are a total of 51 comments, 2 relating to pre-test question 4 and 49 to all post- test questions.

Of the post-test questions 46/49 comments (94%) were a positive endorsement of the feel and stability of the surface of the shower tray or confidence in the product to prevent slipping or falling.

Some subjects suggested the design had the potential of a massaging / therapeutic effect on the feet.

Table of Contents

  • Sample - Frequencies and percentages
  • Sample - Perception of shower tray
  • Descriptive statistics bar charts
  • Pre and post-test comments