User Experience Report

Ulster University

''The surface was very comfortable and quite sensual a bit like reflexology''*

* Ulster University User Experience Report

6. Conclusions

The results from this small consumer survey clearly indicate that the Classic Marble shower tray is fit for purpose.

All tested subjects found the surface stable and safe and agreed it would prevent them slipping or falling, with 88% reporting a high comfort level when standing and moving on the surface.

In addition, 80% of subjects positively endorsed the product as a potential market purchase for home use.

Individual subject comments were very positive in terms of the product design (94%) and some subjects found the experience of standing and moving in the tray therapeutic for the feet.

It is important to point out some weaknesses of this survey which includes the sample size being small (n=25), a convenience sample being used and that no subjects over the age of 60 were recruited which may have influenced the range of responses to some of the survey questions.

Nonetheless, the study protocol was diligently followed and the tests conducted to match the German DIN 51 097 standard in relation to contaminant concentration and flow rates.

The purpose of this work was to independently validate how the end user would perceive the experience of showering on the new Classic Marble shower tray surface, across a range of ages.

It is fair to conclude from the data collected that this new design will be accepted in the marketplace and there is no need to reconsider the surface design prior to production.

Table of Contents

  • Sample - Frequencies and percentages
  • Sample - Perception of shower tray
  • Descriptive statistics bar charts
  • Pre and post-test comments