World leading anti-slip shower tray

''Surface provides a good sturdy grip and I felt very grounded''*

* Ulster University User Experience Report


It is important to note that the build-up of grime and dirt will have an impact on the slip resistance of any surface. As part of its document ‘Assessing the slip resistance of flooring’, the HSE has created a slip potential model which clearly links cleaning to the slip potential of a surface.

Cleanability was an important part of the brief for the SENSTEC Anti- Slip Shower Tray and a considerable amount of design work went into ensuring the correct shape of the Anti-Slip profile. We had to consider how water would flow around the profile, as well as how the profile could be cleaned. A clear indication of our success in meeting this element of the design brief is the fact that the cleaning instruction for SENSTEC Anti-Slip shower trays are the same as those for our standard shower trays, which we have manufactured since 1983. “Ensure that the tray is washed with soap and water and dried with a soft cloth after each use.”