Paul & Julie

Case Study

"We both feel exceptionally safe when we shower and the comfort is amazing"

Paul & Julie

Christopher Hackett, Managing Director of Classic Marble Showers Limited interviews Paul and Julie, who are one of the first customers to have a SENSTEC Anti Slip shower tray installed in their own home.

Before we begin, the world is full of sceptics and fake reviews. For the purpose of this interview can you both confirm that you are in no way connected with Classic Marble, or any of our employees?

No one is more sceptical than me! To confirm, neither of us knew anything about you or your business.

How long have you lived here?

We moved in nine months ago, with the youngest of our children starting University in October and having not long retired, it was the right time to downsize.

What made you decide to use a SENSTEC tray?

Once we became aware of your product it was an exceptionally easy decision to make. Shower trays are notoriously slippery and what you had developed seemed to me to be long overdue. Anyone who gets help from the aerospace tooling industry to develop their product and gets help from the University of Ulster for user experience feedback, in my opinion, had something really special.

How long have you had the tray installed?

I finished the installation at the start of May, so just over four months.

Did the SENSTEC tray meet your expectations?

Absolutely and then some. Paul and I love it, we both feel exceptionally safe when we shower and the comfort is truly amazing. Both of us will never grow tired of massaging our feet on the dimples!

How do find the cleaning of the tray?

Cleaning is no issue at all. Another benefit. Since retiring we have been able to do a bit of travelling and I have noticed some of the textured trays in hotels looking grubby. This is not the case with your tray - it is as clean as the day I fitted it. We clean it the same as the other trays in the house.

So to wrap up - in a few words, how would you summarise SENSTEC?

A few words can’t give it justice, it is a wonderful product, I can’t praise it highly enough or recommend it strongly enough. I really hope that this helps you get the message out of how wonderful and potentially industry changing that SENSTEC is.

Thank you Paul and Julie, I really appreciate your time and feedback and for allowing me into your beautiful home.

Paul & Julie's Bathroom Paul & Julie's Bathroom Paul & Julie's Bathroom