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How do you make a shower tray anti-slip?

There are numerous methods of manufacturing shower trays, stone resin backed vacuum formed acrylic sheet or gel-coat, pressed steel, injection moulded and poured polyurethane to name a few. This is how shower trays can be made- but not the answer to the question- How do you make a shower tray anti-slip?

At the moment there are two main methods for the manufacture of anti-slip shower trays. Currently the most widely used method of making an anti-slip shower tray is the application of a coating after shower tray manufacture. The second is a shower tray made with integrated anti-slip properties therefore the anti-slip properties are already built in.

Applied Coating

An applied coating is just that, applied after the shower tray is manufactured. You start with a normal shower tray as per BS EN 14527 and you apply a coating. This can be done by hand or by a degree of automation and may or may not go through a curing process.

The coating is in effect like a layer of sandpaper, the particles making what was a smooth surface less smooth. Depending on the granule size, shape and density, will have an impact on the slip resistance values.


What is an anti-slip shower tray?

Type this into Google and you will be bombarded with lots of options to purchase anti-slip shower trays but no answer to your question.

This is hardly surprising because anti-slip shower trays are not defined in any standards. When things are not defined and are in effect unregulated it leaves the door open to lots of colourful marketing.

I have seen first-hand anti-slip shower trays in showrooms that claimed to conform to a standard- with lots of fancy letters and numbers. It looked great, great to a consumer, great to the sales people who don’t know what they are selling.

But in fact these claims are misleading and rely on the acceptance that we actually do need anti-slip shower trays, and also that as a consumer we trust a brand when they tell us that a shower tray is anti-slip.

A consumer to an extent can be forgiven for this but as a seller/specifier you have an obligation to understand what you are selling. How can you effectively sell a product if you don't know what it is you are selling?


Answers to your Questions

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